Aerospace engineering degree options are available for UAE students at local universities in partnership with internationally ranked universities. You can also apply for admission to universities in the UAE through ADEC – Abu Dhabi Education Council (www.adec.ac.ae)

What is aerospace engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the study of design, construction and science of aircraft and spacecraft. As an aerospace engineer you may deal with aeronautical engineering, which deals with craft that stay within earth’s atmosphere, or astronautical engineering, which deals with craft that operate outside of earth's atmosphere.

Aerospace engineers conduct research, and design and develop vehicles and systems for atmospheric and space environments. These engineers often specialize in one of many areas such as aerodynamics, propulsion, flight mechanics, orbital mechanics, fluids, structures, guidance & control, and computation amongst others.

What kind of education will  you Need?

Generally, a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering is required to work as an aerospace engineer. However, students majoring in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electronics, material sciences, or computer science/engineering can also use their skills in jobs within the aerospace industry.

For aerospace related studies you can apply in any of the following institutions:

During high school you are encouraged to focus and master the following courses to prepare yourself for higher education.

Mathematics courses including:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Mathematics Analysis
  • Calculus

Natural Science courses including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Other courses including:

  • Computer Science
  • English

What jobs are available for aerospace engineers?

The field of aerospace technology offers a wide range of employment opportunities to those with the educational background. An aerospace team is made up of engineers, scientists, and technicians. Positions are available through the private sector as well as within the government. Examples of major engineering roles in the aerospace industry include:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Materials and Processes
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Flight Research
  • Field Service

Can any engineer participate in the aerospace industry?

Engineering in general has common foundations in mathematics and the sciences. In the aerospace industry, engineers majoring in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering can easily use their varied skills in a job within the aerospace industry. Below are some examples:

  • Chemical engineer: can work in testing materials and in composites 
  • Mechanical engineer: can work in the fields of engine design and maintenance 
  • Electrical engineer: can work within the avionics of aircraft 

However, engineers in other disciplines such as civil engineers can also participate, especially that airports require a unique type of runway for aircraft take-off and landing, as well as specialized hangars and docking stations for the maintenance of aircraft.

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We are confident that our long term approach to business, combined with a focus on developing a pioneering workforce, will enable us to realize our aspirations to create a world-leading, sustainable and competitive aerospace industry in Abu Dhabi  

Homaid Al Shemmari

Executive Director

Mubadala Aerospace